Climabots - IoT solution for Agriculture


Climabots technology allows you to easily manage the climate control of the plant-growing ecosystem. Due to its scalability and versatility, it can serve gardens as well as industrial production glass houses. The Climabots are suitable for the following plant control setups:

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Hobby Agriculture


Urban Gardening


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Industrial Agriculture

Hydroponic Farms

Industrial Greehouses

Commercial Soil Farming

Climabots can be utilized in urban gardening, providing real-time data about the state of garden, soil and air properties and quality. Climabots help to take care of your plants, by maintaning the soil moisture and monitoring the weather. In combination with Climabots control, and intuitive graphical user interface, you can control your garden while you are at work or in better case, enjoying holiday with family.

The same principles are applied for industrial food production. Thanks to smart power management, solar recharging and no need for high speed internet coverage, climabots can work in remote areas in very rough conditions. We simply distribute the Climabots all over your fields, so you don't need to record your data on paper, or loose time traveling on field for data gathering. This saves a lot of time and money, while providing valuable data for crop prodution optimization.