Climabots - IoT solution for Air Quality Measurement

Air Quality

Climabots help to measure exterior and interior air quality by monitoring levels of substances in air including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, VOC and fine particulate matter PM2,5

In interior, Climabots are aimed mostly on public areas like schools, universities, offices or shopping malls we focus on CO2 measurement. Indoor levels of carbon dioxide could be clouding our thinking and may even pose a wider danger to human health. The levels of CO2 that can be found in bedrooms, classrooms and offices have harmful effects on the body, including affecting cognitive performance.

Indoor Carbon Dioxide concentrations are driven by a combination of outdoor CO2, breathing and the ventilation rate of the building. Buildings and homes become more energy efficient and natural air circulation is very limited, which decreases the air exchange between indoor and outdoor fresh air. Many of the ventilation systems we use today recycle air to conserve energy, moving the contaminated air around rather than cycling in new fresh air. This results in high CO2 concentrations and low Indoor Air Quality.

On the other hand, outdoor air quality affects our health all the time we are outside the buildings, while we are commuting to work, school or go shopping. Cities are full of cars producing harmful emissions we don't see or feel in short term. Climabots help to map the whole city areas and can provide data for further analysis or prediction models.

We are also concerned about our nature. Climabots are equipped with the latest IoT communication modules to provide data from really remote areas without internet coverage and without electricity. Climabots help to keep our nature monitored and any sign of pollution can be recognized in early stages, before irreparable harm is done.