Climabots - IoT solution for Fish Farming

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a rapidly growing segment with high demand for precise monitoring of fragile ecosystems in the fish tanks. The goal is set to keep a precise balance of salinity, pH, nutrients and other chemical substances to make the best available and stable environment for fish growth. Climabots, due to their versatility, accommodate a range of sensors made specially for water treatment.

The benefit of Climabots consists in that there is no need to handle specific wiring for the existing tank system update. Tanks can be equipped by independent Climabots which establish their own data exchange network. The data are sent to the master server where all the control actions are precisely calculated using smart algorithms to achieve a stable, high quality fish tank ecosystem.

Climabot Control units are responsible for the control of valves and dosing pumps providing all the needed chemicals and nutrition and thus keeping all the critical water properties in desired levels. Such a precise control is the most advanced cost-effective solution for fish farming.

All the measured data are stored and available for various analyses. The results of such process can be used for further system optimization of fish growth programs.

All data are available anytime and anywhere via the mobile application including email alerting and notifications in case of exceptional situations occur in the fish tank. Alarms can be customized and adapted to the specific needs by setting the MAX/MIN setpoints for every measured variable such as oxygen leves, pH, ORP, EC or simple water levels or temperatures. With Climabots in use, such an event is reported at the beginning to avoid an unnecessary financial loss.