Climabots - IoT solution for Warehouses


Each warehouse has the high demand on climate stability to keep stored goods in pre-defined conditions. Climabots can easily measure all the environment properties like air temperature, humidity, co2 or dust particles to help keep the warehouse environment uder control. Climabots does not need any external power and are also network infrastructue independent, so their distribution in warehouse area is easy.

Some country regulations have strict requests to monitor and have historical environmental data stored for further analyses. This applies mostly for food storage but is beneficial for other warehouse segments as well. With Climabots in use, such demand can be easily fulfilled.

Climabots provide all data immidiately after installation and these data are instantly available for warehouse operator via friendy web user interface. Smart alarm and notification system allows operator to set treshold setpoints for every measured variable. The system then automatically notifies the operator if measurement is out of defined range. In combination with Climabots control, automation can be achieved. For example automatic ventilation based on measured temperature and humidity in warehouse.