Climabots - IoT solution for Wind Measurement

Wind Measurement

Every yacht club, surfing bay or a paragliding and parasailing center can benefit from a Climabot installation. Climabot Wind station measures standard wind speed, wind direction and wind gusts together with basic temperature, humidity and barometric pressure air properties . The measured data are shared to the cloud service integrated with the most common and popular servers for Wind prediction.

Such a service allows anybody to check the current situation at the destination and plan their trip. It does not matter if it is a yacht, a small airplane or a kite. Everyone dependent on wind wishes to get detailed, up-to-date and local information.

In case a yacht club bay is surrounded by mountains and the wind direction changes because of the bay complexity, it is possible to set several Climabots in the location to get precise data with a high granularity. Some Climabots can be located on a stable platform or a ponton directly in the sea.

The Climabot team offers the system as a service including a consultation of the Climabot best placement.

It is not necessary for the Yacht club staff to be involved in any set-up, network or data integration work. Climabots can send the data to the Climabot Wind cloud where all the computation is managed and data exchange to the global wind forecast services. As the output of such a data sharing, the Clubs are provided by widget and web page segment to be easily embedded in their home page. Such a local wind power visibility at first glance on the home page is a clear benefit for all sportspeople!

The same approach of Climabots utilization can be applied for small airports (glider planes) or helipads to measure and asses the current wind conditions for maximum safety of operations.

Our open API can provide data for your website and inform the visitors about current weather location in your location.