Climabots - IoT solution for environment control and monitoring

Smart sensors and control units for soil, water and air environment monitoring and control applications.

Climabot Use-Cases

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Climabots are suitable for both, standard soil-based agriculture or hydroponic, aquaponic systems. Monitor the weather on remote fields, or keep an eye on climate environment in your greenhouse. Check on the soil quality or humidity and get the alarms on your phone to take the action before the crops are damaged. Climabots will continously check on all environment variables and even keep your crops under control with Climabot Control devices.

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Fish Farms

Monitoring the water's pH is of the upmost importance to ensure safe levels for the fish. Continuous water quality testing is very crucial to ensure that fish remain healthy. It is also important to keep an eye on dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia. The density of the fish in the tanks, growth rate and the amount of feed they are given also produce rapid changes in water quality. Climabot can ensure that all the water properties will stay in desired levels.

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Thermal Comfort

Maintaining standard of thermal comfort for occupants of buildings is one of the important goals of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) design engineers. However conditions may change over the time and designed configuration can become obsolete. If you are not feeling comfortable in your open space office and often fight with colleagues to change the settings of AC, then it is time for Climabots Thermal Comfort measurement. We will provide continuous measurement and prepare a report for HVAC company with regulation reccomendataions.

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Warehouse Monitoring

Use Climabots wireless sensors to monitor your all environmental properties in warehouse such as temperature, humidity, flooding or unauthorized access. Email or SMS notifications will help you maintain optimal conditions for your inventory and notify you about undesired condition before your goods get damaged. With Climabots Control Pro modules integrated to existing heating, cooling and ventilation system, you can actively maintain ideal conditions in warehouse.

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Wind Measurement

High precision local wind measurement for small airports or yacht clubs as a service. Easy task for a bunch of Climabots with possibility of measurement data integration to existing applications or popular "wind related" and weather prediction portals. Climabot can be easily transformed to IoT weather station providing real-time weather data. There is no need for external power sources or special networking. Climabot is fully sustainable and can be wrapped in reinforced box which can handle really hard conditions.

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Air Quality

Air quality is very important for human life. Use Climabots to monitor the most important air properties such as dust particles, temperature and humidity. Climabots will notify you whenever the airquality is not meeting healthy levels or local standards. It applies not only for external spaces, busy roads or crowdy city squares, but the same can be a benefit for all the craftsmen and workshops.

Climabots Overview

Climabot Sensor

In standard, Climabot Sensor comes with 2 embedded I2C sensors such as air temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor and embedded 16bit Analog to Digital converter. This gives you a possibility to connect 2 Analog sensors (0V to 5V). There are also 2 GPIO slots available. General description of the latest model of climabots can be foundhere

Thanks to unique power management of climabot, there are many possibilities how to power this device.

  • USB type B connector with 5V DC
  • Non recharbeable AA battery (1200 mAh to 6400 mAh)
  • Li Iion rechargeable battery (950 mAh - 4000 mAh)
  • Solar Panel with Li Ion battery
  • Custom industrial battery pack

Climabot Control Pro

Each Climabot control Pro unit can switch up to 4 industrial relays to control heating, ventilation, AC or any other standard electricity appliance. If relays are not to be used it can directly turn on and off 12V appliances. Climabot is designed to fit in electrical distribution box and to be mounted on DIN rail. It can work in fully redundand Active-Active mode with 2 parrarel Climabots connected together.

There is basically unlimited number of Climabots that can be connected together thanks to unique communication system that allows them to talk to each other. Climabots control Pro support manual operation, scheduled actions or the actions triggered byt the sensor readings.

Climabot Hobby & EDU

In Climabots company, we believe in open source and community projects and we are very happy to support schools and other educational organizations. Evaluation and education boards are available with full documentation and possibilities of integration to our cloud services using our API. In total, 3 evaluation boards are available.

  • Climabot Sensor
  • Climabot Control Pro
  • Climabot Control Hobby

First two Climabots are described above. Climabot Control Hobby is a mixture of Climabot Sensor and Control Pro. It has one 12V output to control relay or 12V electric appliance and one integrated relay. Plus one I2C slot and one digital input.

Interactive Dashboard

Access your Climabots anywhere, anytime using our cloud monitoring and control dashboard. Simply register your Climabots via intuitive user interface and start using all available features such as alarm setpoints for sensor readings or Climabot Control action scheduling. Dashboard will always notify you about the recent information, Climabot status, battery condition, realtime sensor readings or alarms and warnings for configured tresholds.From UI you can easily:

  • Check on the real time sensor readings
  • Quickly check the important statistics
  • Display history graphs
  • Export data to excel
  • Set alarm tresholds
  • View the history of all alarms
  • Manually control Climabots outputs
  • Schedule Climabot Control actions
  • Organize Climabots in groups or sections
  • Automate using our RULE system
  • Manage favourite Climabts on main Dashboard
  • Integrate your own IoT devices with Climabots

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